RIO (size M)

  • 5 year warranty

  • extreme uv protection

  • waterproof

  • great ventilation

  • solid zipper

  • four ventilation ducts

  • ventilated bottom cloth

  • four tensioners

Extreme protection against sun damage

In southern areas, there are different protection needs than in the Nordic countries. If you have a holiday home in the south, we recommend that you choose Mediterranean Bags as cover for your outdoor furniture. Mediterranean Bags are specially designed to withstand the sun's harmful UV rays, as well as rain, dust, sand and insects.

RIO is a medium sized Bag'in, and suits you well if you have a moderate amount of outdoor furniture. With our RIO model you’ll have enough space for an outdoor table with accompanying chairs, outdoor sofa and a couple of sunbeds.

Choose a suitable place to set up Bag'in, and place the cover on the ground. Be sure to choose a place where water can naturally drain away - for example on the terrace, on gravel or on stone slabs that slope slightly. Stack your outdoor furniture in a block on the bottom base, and place the top cover over it. The two parts are secured together with a solid zipper.