REPAIR - versatile repair set from Tear-Aid

Bring Bag’in/the material you’re going to repair indoors to prepare the tear or hole. It’s important that the material is at room temperature before you start patching, to make sure the tape sticks properly.

Clean the surface where the damage has occurred thoroughly with the included cleaning pad. It’s important to remove all dirt for the tape to stick.

Prepare a suitable patch by rounding off the corners with a pair of scissors. You can adjust the patch to the size of the hole, but make sure that the tape has good clearance to where the hole/crack stops to avoid further tearing.

Attach the patch, and use your hand to remove any air pockets under the tape. 

Let the material rest indoors at room temperature for 1 hour before taking it outside again.

Have a look at the instructional video here, explaining how to attach the patch.

Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair patch that can repair scratches and holes in almost any material. Tear-Aid is extremely strong and very elastic. Tear-Aid is not your average junk drawer solution, it is a permanent repair solution!

Tear-Aid is available in type A and type B. Both types have the same unique qualities, but are used on different materials. You can use Tear-Aid to repair tarpaulins, sails, inflatable toys, umbrellas, rainwear, jackets and bags, as well as products such as aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass.

5 year warranty on Bag’in

Bag'in comes with a 5-year warranty, and is not expected to tear or break under normal use in this time. However, should you be unlucky and get a tear on your Bag’in, REPAIR is the perfect patch kit.