With good care and proper storage, Bag’in will last longer. When the winter season is over and it’s time to unpack your furniture, it’s also time for proper cleaning and storage of your Bag’in. Use water and a gentle detergent, and make sure the cover is completely dry before packing it away.

Place your Bag’in on a flat and dry surface, and fold it neatly before rolling. Use the storage bag as a guide to measure how wide the Bag’in should be rolled up. Once the Bag’in is wrapped inside the storage bag, it measures the same size as a large sleeping bag.

Don’t forget that the Bag’in top coat works perfectly as a top cover during summer. A good tip is to have your Bag’in easily accessible even in the summer. That way, you can easily pull it out in case of a sudden downpour or storm. Use the STORM ANCHOR to secure the overcoat to your terrace.