Ona (size S)

  • 5 year warranty

  • 100% waterproof

  • great ventilation

  • stormproof

  • solid zippers

  • ventilated bottom cloth

  • four ventilation ducts

  • Two tensioners

also perfect as a

summer cover

In the summer, you may not need to protect your garden furniture from the cold and snow, but you can still make good use of Bag’in.
If it is raining, if there is a lot of pollen, or you want to protect the pillows overnight, the top cloth is perfect as a summer cover.

High quality and protective design for your outdoor furniture

ONA is our smallest Bag’in, and well suited for those who have a modest amount of outdoor furniture. It's still amazing what you can fit in it, as long as you stack your furniture in a thoughtful way.

The base should be placed on a suitable surface, preferably the terrace or on gravel or stone slabs with a slope. This will ensure good drainage, and water accumulations will naturally drain away. Stack your outdoor furniture on top of the base part of Bag’in, and cover with the top part. The two parts are secured together with a zipper, so there’s no risk of the cover being blown away by the wind.

When you store outdoor furniture in Bag’in, it is well protected from rain, snow, leaves, dust and pollen. This extends the life of your outdoor furniture, preserves the color and simplifies maintenance. When summer comes, your outdoor furniture is clean, neat and ready to use.