Use the top coat as a

rain cover

In the summer, you do not need to protect your garden furniture from the cold and snow, but you can still make good use of Bag’in. If it is raining, there is a lot of pollen, or you want to protect your outdoor cushions overnight, the top cover is excellent as a protective layer.

Tip! Keep the top cover easily accessible so that you can quickly pull it over the outdoor furniture when it's starting to rain. It’s also smart to put the cover on overnight so that the furniture doesn’t get damp. This way, you’ll avoid the hassle of storing the cushions inside every night.

Versatile storage bag

Our smart storage bag for outdoor furniture is mainly intended for the important role of storing your outdoor furniture in autumn and winter, but the upper part is also perfect as a summer cover to protect cushions and outdoor furniture from rain, moisture, pollen, dust, wind. and bird droppings.

By laying the cloth over entire furniture groups, sofas or tables, it works excellently as protection. You must remember to tighten the top part well. If dust, pollen and bird droppings have time to stick properly to your outdoor furniture or cushions, it can be challenging to get rid of.

  • safe to use

  • solid zipper

  • durable materials

  • multiple tensioners

secure with


The top cover can be secured to the ground using STORM ANCHOR. You can attach this very easily to the terrace without having to drill or make holes. The only requirement is that you have a minimum of 5 millimeters between the terrace planks. STORM ANCHOR is designed in a curved shape so that you won’t get hurt if you step on it.

Patented design


STORM ANCHOR is not only used to secure outdoor furniture, but can also be used to secure awning, parasols, windbreakers and even a grill. You can also attach your dog’s leash to the STORM ANCHOR, or attach it to the wall or ceiling and hang flowers and plants from it.

Protects your outdoor furniture

Bag'in works well as a cover during the summer. Keep the top cover readily available in case of sudden rain.