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Bag'in is a Norwegian online store delivering unique outdoor furniture covers across the globe.

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You may return your purchase without giving a reason within 14 days of receiving your products. See terms and conditions here. You may unwrap your product to have a look at it before returning it, but please remember that the product must be returned to us as new, preferably in the original packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The easiest way to assemble Bag’in is together with someone, but it is possible to do it by yourself.

Place the base on a flat surface with natural drainage, such as your terrace. Stack your outdoor furniture in a block on the base. Place the top coat on top of the furniture, and assemble the two parts with the zipper. Use the straps if necessary, and use the STORM ANCHOR to provide extra security if your Bag’in is stored in a windy place. 

Read more about how to set up Bag’in here

When Bag’in is packed away, it’s the size of a large sleeping bag. When in use, these are the sizes of Bag’in:

Nordic Bags:

UTVÆR (size XL): 4x2x1 meters and weighs 11,4 kg.

LISTA (size L): 3x2x1 meters and weighs 9,6 kg.

FÆRDER (size M): 2x2x1 meters and weighs 6,4 kg.

ONA (size S): 1x2x1 meters and weighs 4,3 kg.

Mediterranean Bags:

PALMA (size L): 3x2x1 meters and weighs 9,6 kg.

RIO (size M): 2x2x1 meters and weighs 6,4 kg.

CAPRI (size S): 1x2x1 meters and weighs 4,3 kg.

We don’t recommend that you do so. The UV protection is lower in Nordic Bags than Mediterranean Bags, and the material is not intended for extreme sun.

Yes, you can, but the bag should be placed under a roof during winter. Nordic Bags are specially developed for Norwegian conditions, and designed to make water and snow drain more easily. Nordic Bags are also waterproof up to 20,000 mm, while Mediterranean Bags are 10,000 mm.

The bag is waterproof up to 20,000 mm (Nordic Bags) and 10,000 mm (Mediterranean Bags). If water sits in puddles on the coat for a long time, water will eventually penetrate the fabric. That’s why it's important to make a tent top on your Bag'in, so water can drain off naturally.

The bag is equipped with fastening straps in each corner that can be used to secure against wind. If your outdoor furniture is heavy, there’s normally no need to secure Bag’in to the ground. However, if your furniture is light or you’re storing Bag’in in a windy location, it should be secured. Use ropes or straps, or our patented STORM ANCHOR.

Bag'in is designed to protect outdoor furniture during winter. If you store Bag'in outdoors, it will be the same climate and humidity inside Bag'in as outside. Therefore, do not store anything in the Bag’in that cannot withstand being outside in the weather, wind and humidity.

As long as it can withstand moisture and cold, you can store outdoor furniture, the grill, bicycles, utensils, the trampoline and other equipment in Bag’in in the winter.

Outdoor cushions and blankets that can’t withstand condensation should not be stored in Bag'in during the winter. Also, be careful with objects that rust easily. Items intended for indoor storage should not be stored outside in Bag’in.

Yes, you can, as long as it can withstand moisture. Our design is equipped with a ventilated bottom that allows water to drain out, in addition to ventilation ducts in each corner that ensure good air flow.

Nevertheless, there will always be some build-up of moisture inside Bag’in. That’s why we can’t guarantee that no molding will occur. If you’re unsure of what your wooden furniture can withstand, we recommend that you contact the supplier.

We recommend that you take your pillows inside during the winter, because there is always some condensation inside the Bag’in - with the Nordic climate, this is unavoidable.

No, this may prevent water from draining away. Bag'in should be positioned on a flat and drained surface, for example on the terrace, gravel, shingle, slabs, tiles or concrete. If you’re placing Bag’in on a rocky surface, make sure there’s a bit of a slope to allow water to drain away.

Yes, Nordic Bags are designed for use in the winter for storing garden and outdoor furniture. Bag’in is an easier and better alternative to tarpaulin and rope, and can withstand cold and snow.

Yes, Mediterranean Bags are designed for southern conditions. These are specially designed to protect your outdoor furniture from the sun's strong UV rays, as well as sand and insects. Mediterranean Bags have a very high color fastness, and are waterproof up to 10,000 mm.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that there will be no molding. The bag will be used outdoors, and with the temperature fluctuations we have in the Nordic countries, some moisture will always form inside.

To avoid molding, we’ve designed Bag’in with a ventilated bottom, as well as ventilation ducts that ensure good air flow inside.

Today, unfortunately, we do not have a solution for tailor-made bags. However, Bag’in comes in a variety of models and sizes, covering the vast majority of needs for storage of outdoor furniture.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there won't be any moisture in Bag’in, as this occurs naturally due to temperature and weather fluctuations especially in the Nordics. Some condensation is completely normal, but if you think there’s a lot, we recommend you to:

1. Check that the ventilation ducts are open and have constant air flow.

2. Check that there is no water in the bottom of the Bag’in. The bag is equipped with a ventilated bottom to allow water to drain, but it depends on the surface Bag’in has been placed on.

3. Check that there are no water pools on the outside of Bag’in - if the surface doesn’t provide sufficient drainage, you should move Bag’in to a slope.


Yes, for business clients we offer invoice from Two with a 90 day cedit period. Click here to read more

Yes, we have complete faith in our solution and offer a 5-year warranty on Bag’in. The guarantee applies to the material, the seam, the zipper, the handles and the ventilation ducts.

You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail when we have received your order. Have you not received anything? Contact customer service by phone: + 47 64 80 80 03.

Have you not received an order confirmation? Check that you entered the correct email address when you ordered, and also remember to check your spam folder. If you still can’t locate it, please contact us by phone: + 47 64 80 80 03.

We offer safe and secure payment with Klarna, Stripe and Paypal, and Vipps for Norwegian customers.

No, all orders must be made in the online store.

Yes, you can cancel your purchase with no given reason within 14 days of receiving your goods. Remember that the item must be unused and appear in new condition when it is returned to us. You must pay the return shipping fee yourself.

We’re truly sorry to hear that! When discovering errors or defects in our products, please register your complaint here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

DELIVERY and shipping

We offer worldwide delivery with DHL for 20 EUR.

We have 1-3 days delivery time in Norway on stocked goods. You will find updated information about stock status in the online store.

DHL Express: 1-3 days.

DHL Economic: 5-8 days.

Yes, use the package tracking you receive by email and mobile when the goods are sent from our warehouse.

No, this is unfortunately not possible. The item will remain at your nearest delivery point for a specified amount of days after it has arrived. If you need more time than this, you can arrange this with the carrier (PostNord or DHL).

We use PostNord in Norway, and DHL Express for delivery abroad. 

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