How to stack your outdoor furniture

Here is a detailed guide on how to optimize storage of outdoor furniture using the furniture cover from Bag’in. By stacking carefully, you’ll utilize the space properly, ensure water and snow drains off naturally, avoid tears and damage, and fit as much furniture in as possible.

This guide applies to both Nordic Bags and Mediterranean Bags in all sizes.

  • step 1

    Choose a suitable surface where you want the furniture to be stored for the winter. Lay the lower part down, and make sure you can walk around the bag. This way, you can drag the zipper all the way around.

    When finding a suitable spot, make sure that water does not collect under or around the bag. Terraces are well suited, as water will flow through the cracks between the floorboards. Grass is not recommended, and if you want to place Bag’in on tiles, you need to make sure that the water has somewhere to drain.
  • step 2

    Place the largest pieces of furniture first, before continuing with the smaller pieces of furniture.
  • step 3

    Space-efficient solutions allow you to stack more furniture.
  • Step 4

    When the furniture is placed, it is wise to make a tent top, like we’ve done with the white chair in the picture. This will prevent accumulation of water and snow that can cause puddles to sit on the top fabric. If water is allowed to accumulate on the bag, it will eventually penetrate the fabric.
  • step 5

    When all the furniture is placed on the lower part, place the top cover over it, and attach the two pieces using the zipper:

How to connect the zipper

If your patio is located in an area exposed to heavy winds or storms, we recommend our safety anchor, STORM ANCHOR. It has been tested in strong winds, and guarantees that your furniture doesn’t move.

Other tips:

Make sure that the air vents are not covered - It’s important to make sure that the air vents in each corner hang freely and that sufficient air enters. Make sure you have enough outdoor furniture in your bag so that the air vents do not hang flat against the ground.

Pillow Storage - We do not recommend storing pillows or blankets in your Bag’in, as a little condensation will always occur. It will be the same temperature and climate in the bag as it is outside, so everything stored must be able to withstand the cold winter.

Beware of sharp edges - Be careful with sharp edges that could damage the fabric. You may want to hook a sock over sharp table legs.

Summer cover - The top cover is perfect as a summer cover. That way, you keep pollen, dust and bird droppings off if you are not going to use the furniture for a while.