About Bag'in

The idea for Bag’in originated in the spring of 2016, when Kåre Normann Sekkesæter was opening his cabin in Hvaler in Norway. To his frustration, he discovered that the tarpaulin he had packed all his outdoor furniture in was gone, taken by the winter storms – all that was left of the covering was a few pieces of rope. 

Kåre started searching for a furniture cover that would take better care of his outdoor furniture beyond the summer season.

The first


Unfortunately, it turned out no such product existed. There were only basic covers on the market, and no one had solved the problem with covers being swept away by the wind. Kåre decided to construct something of his own, with a top and bottom part that provided protection without blowing away.

Kåre also wanted to solve the problem of ventilation and condensation, and designed the Bag’in with quality air ducts. The first prototype, sewn by his mother-in-law, saw the light of day in the spring of 2017.

Kåre’s mother-in-law still sewes for Bag’in to this day.

Launch of the

First original

In 2018, Bag’in was launched, a smart storage solution for outdoor furniture that keeps your furniture dry and clean throughout the winter season - without tearing or being blown away. 

The bag is 100% waterproof. The material is of high quality in a solid fabric that can withstand both snow and rain. The bag is equipped with air ducts in each corner that ensure good air flow, as well as ventilation in the lower part that lets water out.

The bag itself consists of two parts: a lower part on which the furniture is to be stacked, and a top cover which is placed on top of the furniture. The two parts are secured together with a strong zipper that keeps everything well anchored.

Meet the entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Kåre Normann Sekkesæter is passionate about great customer experiences, and that every product has value to the customer.

Kåre Normann sekkesæter, Entrepreneur

«Everything we do at Bag'in is based on one philosophy: If it has value for the customer, it has value for us.»

When the first prototype was done in 2017, Kåre decided to test it on his own and his neighbors' outdoor furniture. He knocked on more than 100 doors around the neighborhood, and asked if he could wrap up their outdoor furniture. This way, Kåre gained valuable insight into both the types of outdoor furniture people have, and not least whether this was a product that people needed themselves and were willing to pay money for.

When people say 'I need one too', then you know your idea has great potential!

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