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Bag'in extends the cabin season

Bag'in extends the cabin season

Extend the cabin season with Bag'in, the smart storage solution for your outdoor furniture!
Why condensation occurs in the bag

Why condensation occurs in the bag

In the Nordic climate, it is normal for condensation to occur in things left outside. Read more about what you can do to reduce the occurrence of c...
This is how you get the cover back into the storage bags

This is how you get the cover back into the storage bags

By folding and rolling the Bag'in correctly, you can easily get the parts back into their storage bags. Learn how here.

Bag'in has an incredibly smart design that makes it quick and easy to store your outdoor furniture for the winter. Roll out the lower part on a suitable surface, and stack your outdoor furniture in a block on top of it. It’s important that Bag’in is placed on a suitable surface where excess water can drain away; for example on stone slabs or patio floorboards.

When you finish stacking your furniture, place the top coat on top, and secure the two parts together with the solid zipper.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is our most frequently asked question, and unfortunately there are as many ways to answer it as there are outdoor furniture sets. 

In the Nordic Bags selection, choose between four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. We recommend using your largest furniture piece, like a table or a sofa, and choose your Bag’in based on the length. If you're planning on stacking more furniture sideways, increase in size.

Pillows and blankets should not be stored in Bag’in during winter, unless they can withstand moisture and temperatures below zero. If there are large temperature fluctuations, condensation can build up. If your pillows can’t tolerate condensation, store them inside.

Remember that the top coat of Bag’in can be used as a raincoat in the summer, in which case you can store pillows and blankets overnight or for a shorter period.

Most of our customers are surprised by how much they can fit in Bag’in. As long as you stack well, you’ll have plenty of space for outdoor tables and chairs, lounge sets, sun beds and other garden furniture. And why stop there? Fill the empty spaces with the parts from the trampoline, bikes, the grill or even the lawnmower and top it all off with a wheelbarrow.

Keep reading: How to stack your outdoor furniture

We have complete faith in Bag’in, and offer a 5-year warranty on our products. The warranty applies to seams, zippers, handles, ventilation ducts, and the material from which Bag’in is made. The warranty does not cover what is stored inside the bag.

This is not a requirement, but to reduce the amount of moisture inside the bag, we recommend that you dry the outdoor furniture before packing them. The bag is designed with a ventilated base that lets out build-up of water, as well as air ducts to ensure constant flow of air. In the Nordic climate, there will always be some condensation forming though.

Nordic Bags should not be used in Southern Europe or Southern America, as the material has lower UV protection and is not made to withstand extreme sun exposure.

You can use Mediterranean Bags in the Nordic countries, but note that the bag is waterproof up to 10,000 mm, whilst Nordic Bags are 20,000. Nordic Bags are also designed to make it easier for rain and snow to slide off. If you still want to use Mediterranean Bags in the Nordics, we recommend that you place Bag’in under a roof during winter.

Yes, Bag'in is designed specifically for winter use for storing outdoor furniture. It is an easier and better alternative to tarpaulin and rope, with preserving abilities.

The bag is made of waterproof materials. Nordic Bags are 20,000 mm waterproof, and Mediterranean Bags are 10,000 mm.

If water is left on the cover for a long time, it may eventually penetrate the material. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make a tent top on the bag so water and snow can slide off naturally without settling in dents.

A little condensation in the bag is completely normal. When Bag’in is stored outdoors, it will be the same climate and humidity inside the bag as outside. With the temperature fluctuations we have in the Nordics, there will always be some humidity in the bag.

Therefore, we have made a ventilated base and ventilation ducts in each top corner, which ensure good airflow. It’s important that the ventilation ducts are free and open so they can reduce humidity and mold forming.

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