How to wrap your outdoor furniture in Bag’in

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How to wrap your outdoor furniture in Bag’in

1. Select a suitable area.

Choose a day that is fine and dry, so that the outdoor furniture is dry when it is packed. Ideally, designate a space on wooden decking. Do not place the Bag´in on grass or soil, and do not place the product directly under roofs that are exposed to snowfall during winter.

2. Lay out the base.

Start by placing the largest piece of furniture first. If you have a table top, do not face it down, keep it standing on its legs.

3. Stack the outdoor furniture smartly.

To make room for as much as possible, it is important to stack furniture efficiently. Try different combinations and make sure that the furniture is stable. Any glass surfaces should be placed between furniture and preferably wrapped in a blanket for extra damage protection.

4. Build a top to prevent water accumulation.

Feel free to use a flower pot, flower basket or stool to build a top, so that rainwater naturally flows off the product. We recommend removing snow if a lot accumulates on top of the Bag´in during winter, so that the weight does not damage the furniture inside.

5. Watch out for sharp edges.

Be careful with sharp edges to avoid damage the fabric. Tip – cover sharp table legs with socks.

6. Connecting the zipper.

Make sure that the red arrow on the upper part hits the red arrow on the lower part before connecting the two, using the zipper. Feel free to lift up the protective edge to make it easier to get the zipper in place.

7. Make sure the air vents are free of obstruction.

Make sure that the air vents in each corner hang freely so enough air can enter. It is important for the air flow to function optimally. Be sure they do not hang too low to the ground, by filling enough furniture.

8. Safe storage over the autumn and winter

Your bag´in is ready! The outdoor furniture is safely stored, packed in just a few minutes. The air vents will ensure good air flow and fastening straps can be used in combination with our safety anchors. Safety anchors prevent the Bag’in from moving, even in very strong winds or storms, especially important if you have light outdoor furniture.

9. Storage of outdoor cushions

Always check with your supplier to be sure your cushions can be stored in outdoor winter conditions. You can store your outdoor pillows in Bag’in, but we always recommend that you check if your pillows can withstand temperature fluctuations and condensation.

How to wrap your outdoor furniture in Bag’in

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