Bag'in stood steady in full storm with a hurricane in Western Norway!

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Bag'in stood steady in full storm with a hurricane in Western Norway!

Odd Vik from Laksevåg in Hordaland was skeptical about whether Bag'in's storage solution for outdoor furniture could pass the ultimate weather test; full storm in Western Norway.

What is Bag'in?

Bag'in is a smart storage solution for storing outdoor furniture and other space-consuming outdoor items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, barbecues, snowblowers, motorcycles, toys, sports equipment and more.

Bag'in is made up of several smart components, and is made of very durable and solid fabric that is water repellent and can withstand snow and rain. Bag'in has strong seams so that it is well reinforced, has a solid zip so that the top and bottom can be put together and has integrated straps for moving and tightening. There are also integrated air vents in each corner so that the bag has good air flow.

Stable storage solution

- We filled Bag'in with garden furniture yesterday. Full storm with a hurricane in the throws tonight, the roof tiles are dancing on the roof, so this will be a real test of what Bag'in can withstand. Exciting to see on the terrace tomorrow, wrote Odd Vik on Facebook.

When we contacted him the following morning, a few hours after the storm had ravaged Laksevåg throughout the evening and night, the message was clear:

- It looks very good, it hasn't moved at all. It filled up with air in the worst gusts of wind, and stood like a barrier balloon, but the ventilation worked very well, so it wasn't a problem. Was a little skeptical about Bag'in, but this was great stuff, can be highly recommended. Now we know that the garden furniture is safe this winter, and we can leave without thinking about it. We didn't have room for everything, so we are considering buying another one, so there will be more space in the garage, he says.

- Thank you for a great product! concludes Odd Vik.


Bag'in stands here after the storm has ravaged Odd Vik's terrace.
Photo: Odd Vik

What makes Bag'in so unique?

Bag'in has a separate upper and lower part that connects with a solid zip. In this way, the upper part does not blow away in strong winds, and the outdoor furniture is stored safely inside a bag. The lower part also ensures that moisture does not come up from the ground and into the bag.

Naturally ventilated

Bagin has vents in each corner that ensure a natural flow of air. This means that moisture does not get trapped in the bag.


The soft material means that Bag'in doesn't make any significant noise like, for example, a pressed cloth does when the wind hits it.

Water proof

The material and coating are water-resistant with a water column of 25,000 mm. This means that Bag'in can be left outside in the autumn and winter weather. Even so, we recommend building a top so that water and snow run off naturally.

Unique properties

Bag'in can be easily tightened both above and below, to make it smaller and tighter. In very severe weather, you can secure the Bag'in by using the fastening straps down each corner, in addition to our patented safety anchor.

Keeps the terrace tidy

Bag'in is easy to move so that it can be stored where you want it. And it cleans your terrace and keeps it tidy.

5 year warranty

Bag'in has a full 5-year warranty. That is because it is very durable and solid, and it has been well tested in Norwegian weather conditions. For the guarantee to apply, you must clean Bag'in after use.

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