Bag'in protects your furniture in southern areas

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Bag'in protects your furniture in southern areas

The images included in this article have been taken by one of our various happy customers, and have been used with permission.

Mediterranean Bags is a brand new collection of Bag'ins created to protect your outdoor furniture in your holiday home in Spain, Turkey, Greece or other southern countries.

In southern areas where the sun shines brightly most of the year, there are other requirements for protection and preservation of outdoor furniture than in Nordic regions.  Mediterranean Bags are specially designed to withstand the sun's strong UV rays, as well as other things that wear and tear the furniture - such as sand or insects.

This is Bag'in

Bag’in is a completely unique storage solution for the protection of outdoor furniture and other outdoor products. The solution consists of two parts that protects your furniture both from above and below, ensuring your outdoor furniture is well protected when not in use. 

Made of durable fabric and waterproof materials, Bag’in consists of several smart components. The brand new collection of Mediterranean Bags also have extremely high color fastness and UV protection to withstand the strong sun rays.

The solution is made with strong seams, a solid zipper that attaches the upper part to the lower part and integrated straps for movement and tightening. In each corner there are integrated air ducts, which ensure good air flow.

Protects and preserves the outdoor furniture at your holiday home

PALMA (size L) does a great job of protecting the outdoor furniture in Spain.

Norwegian Oscar Gilje is very pleased with Bag’in’s storage solution. At the holiday home south of Alicante, the outdoor furniture is exposed to both sun, dirt, weather and wind.

Bag'in has solved a big problem for us. The best thing for me is how easy it is to pack in and out. It’s done in five minutes!

Mediterranean Bags are also designed to protect your outdoor furniture from sand and insects.

We’ve been looking for a product to protect our outdoor furniture here in Spain from sun, wind, dirt and sand. There’s a lot of sand here, which settles on the terrace and wears out furniture and other stuff, says Oscar Gilje while wrapping up his outdoor furniture on his terrace in Orihuela Costa, south of Alicante.

Bag’in is made of a soft material that doesn’t make noise in the wind.

- Tarpaulin is not an option here, it doesn’t look good, and it’s very noisy in the wind. With Bag’in, we can store our outdoor furniture and protect it very effectively against both weather and wind and not least sand and dirt. And it's almost silent.

Designed to extend the life of your outdoor furniture

Mediterranean Bags are designed with ventilation to prevent the formation of condensation and moisture. The ventilation grille is specially designed so that sand or insects cannot enter the bag. This prevents damage to the outdoor furniture, reducing maintenance and extending its lifespan.

Norwegian Oscar Gilje is very pleased with the solution:

We are very satisfied with this product, and we are happy to recommend this to those who have an apartment or a house in Spain. There are many others like us facing the same problems in need of a smart storage solution. The bag is very easy to pack and you’ve got room for a lot inside it. This is a high-quality product, easy to move around and pack or unpack the furniture. In addition, it doesn’t require much storage space.

Bag'in has solved a big problem for us in Spain. The very best thing is how easy it is to pack in and out. It’s done in five minutes! And it's easy to bring to Spain. It weighs about 5 kilos and looks like a sleeping bag.

With Bag’in, you can safely leave your holiday home without worrying about the outdoor furniture being damaged while you are back home.

We spend most of the winter in Spain, and when we leave for Norway in the spring, we can leave all the outdoor furniture in the bag. There they are protected until we return in the autumn.

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Bag'in protects your furniture in southern areas

Bag'in protects your furniture in southern areas

Mediterranean Bags are specifically developed for your holiday home in Spain,Türkiye, or other southern countries.
Bag'in is also perfect for bicycles, barbecues and lawnmowers

Bag'in is also perfect for bicycles, barbecues and lawnmowers

Use your creativity and it's amazing how many items can be stored in Bag'in. Read more and get tips here.
Proper tightening of Bag'in

Proper tightening of Bag'in

Bag'in is equipped with tensioners for extra security against strong winds. In this guide you can read more about how to use the tensioners correctly.