Bag'in withstands harsh weather!

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Bag'in withstands harsh weather!

You never have to worry about Bag’in being caught up in harsh weather. To prove it, we set up Bag’in in the most unforgiving of weather conditions. See how it went here.

Bag’in is a protective furniture cover that withstands snow, rain and storms. That way, your outdoor furniture is safely stored through harsh weather conditions.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – see how it went for yourself in the video below:




When that time of year comes, many people swear by tarpaulin and ropes to protect their outdoor furniture. No matter how hard you tighten it, a tarpaulin will eventually fail in harsh weather conditions. This will leave your outdoor furniture exposed to the natural elements, meaning they will be damaged and lose their quality.

You also risk furniture or other loose objects being swift away by the strong winds. This can damage the furniture, and even lead to accidents.

Luckily, Bag’in holds its ground. By choosing Bag’in, your outdoor furniture will be safely protected and stored in place. You can even use Bag’in to secure other objects, such as bicycles, barbecues, lawnmowers, mopeds or motorcycles.

Unlike a tarpaulin, Bag’in is silent in the wind. You won’t be annoyed by the sound of a tarpaulin flapping in the wind.


If your outdoor furniture is being stored in a heavily weather-exposed area, we recommend Bag’in STORM ANCHOR. This is a patented solution that secures Bag’in or other outdoor things safely in their places.

STORM ANCHOR is designed for easy installment – simply attach it between your patio boards, without drilling holes or harming the terrace, and use the safety strap to secure Bag’in.

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Bag'in protects your furniture in southern areas

Bag'in protects your furniture in southern areas

Mediterranean Bags are specifically developed for your holiday home in Spain,Türkiye, or other southern countries.
Bag'in is also perfect for bicycles, barbecues and lawnmowers

Bag'in is also perfect for bicycles, barbecues and lawnmowers

Use your creativity and it's amazing how many items can be stored in Bag'in. Read more and get tips here.
Proper tightening of Bag'in

Proper tightening of Bag'in

Bag'in is equipped with tensioners for extra security against strong winds. In this guide you can read more about how to use the tensioners correctly.