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Made of durable materials and solid quality, Bag’in is a completely unique solution for storing outdoor furniture.

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We have sold more than 36 000 Bag’ins since 2018 and have been sold out every autumn since our launch.
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  • STORM ANCHOR 2 & 4 pack

    Secure against strong winds

    Our patented STORM ANCHOR is perfect if your patio is exposed to strong winds or storms. The anchor is attached between your terrace planks without the need to drill holes, and attaches to Bag’in using a strong strap. This prevents both Bag’in and your outdoor furniture from blowing away in storms.
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  • Mediterranean Bags


    The unique cover has a very high color fastness and UV protection to preserve your outdoor furniture as best as possible in strong sunlight. In addition, it provides optimal protection against both sandstorms and downpours.
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What our customers say

About Bag'in

Famous Norwegian designer Halvor bakke recommends Bag'in

- What a genius product!

Unique protection for outdoor furniture

Bag’in provides optimal protection for your outdoor furniture, while ensuring your patio is neat and tidy beyond the summer season. It’s made with waterproof materials, has a ventilating base, and is designed with air ducts, reducing condensation and moldy furniture.

Tips & tricks

  • How to choose the right size

    This of course depends on how much outdoor furniture you are going to pack, but also how space efficient you are stacking.
  • Use the top cloth as a summer cover

    If it is raining, if there is a lot of pollen, or you want to protect the pillows overnight, the top cloth is perfect as a summer cover.
  • How to stack the furniture correctly

    By wrapping perfectly, you get as much space as possible, in addition to water and snow bouncing off the bag, without the necessary wear.

Quality, properties and design

What makes Bag'in unique?

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